Prepare for Counseling + Registration


The best way to get into the classes you need is to speak with a Counselor prior to registration.

What Counselors Can DO for you

Use Multiple Measures

California law, AB 705, requires your community college to place you in transfer-level math and English using your past school records, such as your high school, college GPA, or work experience – collectively, these are called multiple measures.

Use the Highest Placement

Using multiple measures, counselors should recommend the highest placement possible based on your records.

Already took a placement test?

If you got a score on your placement test that you aren't satisfied with, ask your counselor to review your high school GPA or other multiple measures to determine the highest placement recommendation for you.

Use Self-Reported GPA

If you cannot get ahold of your high school transcripts you should self report your GPA to your counselor. It turns out that when students self-report their high school GPA, they're reasonably accurate. This is because most of us remember the grades we received in high school. In fact, many students remember doing worse than they did! 


IF YOUR COUNSELOR WON'T place you into transfer-level

If you aren't satisfied with your counselor's recommendations or education plan, reach out to us so we can try to help! 


More Questions

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