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I stand in support of full implementation of AB705 at CCSF by Fall 2018.

On January 1, 2018, AB 705 was signed into law. Under AB 705, students can be placed directly into transfer-level English and math courses using students high school transcripts. Students can no longer be required to enroll in remedial English or math courses. Implementation of AB705 is important for us because we are often held back by the placement test and remedial classes. The problem is that CCSF is not complying with the law!

Under AB 705, students have the right to be in transfer-level English and math in their first semester.

We demand that CCSF stop preventing students from entering into transfer-level courses and that CCSF become fully compliant with the new law by Fall 2018:

  1. Immediately remove the block that prevent students from enrolling in transfer-level English and math classes.

  2. Ensure that high school GPAs are used as the primary placement tool.

  3. Make placement testing optional for all students.

  4. Enable the feature in CCC Apply that allows all prospective CCSF students to self-report their GPA.

  5. Immediately inform all CCSF students of their right to be placed in transfer-level English and math courses.

  6. Allocate additional resources as needed for tutoring, advising and professional development to help faculty and staff who are working to get CCSF into compliance by Fall 2018.

  7. Implement additional tutoring for transfer-level English and math courses.

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